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2009-05-20 05:39:08 by FilthyBoy

Ok so for anyone reading this i'll give you the low down. I pretty much make songs and I Dj and I might have a go at some animations when I have time. I will not be constantly uploading tracks all the time as it is time consuming and I am in year 11. The genres I follow is really anything but you can mostly expect all electronic genres inc. DnB and ambient. I am in a band as well, the instrument I play is a synthesizer, but I do know how to play piano for real. My heritage is french but I'm pretty much Australian (I can barely parle en Francais!)So that's me I guess :)

(I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well lol)


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2009-05-20 05:40:40



2009-05-20 06:29:24

cool i guess


2009-05-28 18:57:19

Cool man, wheres that song though?!?!?!

FilthyBoy responds:

Man I told you remember my account is new so yeah it has to be "approved" first which could mean any time this century. Ill send you a review when it does get through but you can still check it out on my music myspace. Here's the link
cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&f riendid=459893726

I use it more just so I can play on my normal profile lol. Check out DA1 and U Can't Be Serious although the second one is kind've a send up if you know what I mean... The last song is my friends who cbf'ed making a music profile


2009-05-29 17:36:36

Ok sorry man, forgot about that rule with new music. I never understood why they did that to be honest. Alright going to check it out.


2009-05-29 17:39:00

Hey dude the link you sent didnt work. Can you send me the link again in my inbox?